Děčín Castle 1 km

Perched atop its cliff where the Ploučnice meets the Elbe, Děčín Castle is one of the oldest and largest landmarks in northern Bohemia. In the past several hundred years it has served as a point of control for the Bohemian princes, a military fortress, and noble estate.

The castle enjoyed its golden age under the Thun-Hohensteins (1628–1932). At that time, its walls welcomed a parade of famous guests including, for example, Fryderyk Chopin, who composed his Děčín Waltz here.

For much of the twentieth century, the castle served as an army barracks. Thanks to the extensive renovation efforts of its current owner, the City of Děčín, the castle has returned to its former beauty. Visitors can linger in the chambers of its former lords, enjoy wonderful views of the town, and succumb to the uncommon magic of the Rose Garden.

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