Schrammsteine & Falkenstein 17 km

The relatively large castle of Falkenštejn, established in the late 1200s by the Lords of Michalovice, used to stand on the buttress NE of Jetřichovice. In the early 15th century, the castle and the entire Česká Kamenice estate was bought by Hynek Berka of Dubá. The castle was abandoned in the late 15th century. In 1852 Countess Wilhelmina Kinský had the access road to the castle repaired and the area dedicated to tourism. Access to the castle is difficult nowadays.

The Schrammsteine are a long, strung-out, very jagged group of rocks in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains located east of Bad Schandau in Saxon Switzerland in East Germany. To the north they are bordered by the Kirnitzsch valley, to the south by the Elbe valley and to the east by the Affensteine rocks. The high point of the chain lies at over 400 m above sea level. The viewing point on the Schrammsteine lies at a height of 417.2 m

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