Tiské stěny 16 km

The Protected Country region Labské pískovce (The Elbe Sandstone Rocks) is a part of an extensice sandstone plateau that originated about 90 million years ago in the Cretaceous Mesozoic period. When the sea covering the northern part of the country retreated it left here layers of sandstone sediments cemented with kaolin, clay and other material. In the course of time the movement of the crust of the earth resulted in cracking of these sediments. Further gradual weathering, erosion, and the drifting away of materials resulted in richly diversified area of deep canyons and vertical walls covered by pictoresque shapes.

A massive rock wall is towering above the north end of Tisá, rising up to 70 meters. The Tisá Walls measure 613 meters at their highest point. They continue eastward for almost a kilometer where they end at the Tourist Chalet. We can come here across all forms of sandstone rocks. There are massive rock faces as well as isolated towers and narrow needles.

Two marked foot paths originate at the entrance to the Tisá Walls which is called Skalní náměstí (Rock Square): left, to the West a shorter route through the Small Walls, returning from the north; and right, to the east, the route through the Great Walls. A red marked foot paths runs from the Rock Square along the edge of the wall above the valley and above the Tisá village, with vistas opening to the south all the way to the Bohemian Midland.

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